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Sum of our parts, STEM & Art

Updated: May 27, 2022

We fully embrace the old adage that we are the sum of our parts, and when it comes to Athari, our dynamic ‘parts’ are not just a motivating force, but ones we celebrate and stand in awe of often. We are passionately STEM and equity focused, but we’re also artists, advocates and allies.

In this light, we’d like to honor Women’s History Month and share a little about Akea Brown; she’s a communications leader often behind the scenes at Athari, but in the limelight nationally! Her artwork is on exhibit in multiple US locations and interweaves mixed media with vibrant cultural narratives, bringing her unique voice and experience to life for us all to learn from and grow together.

“My work has been going through an expansion similar to the personal one I’ve been going through myself and it’s been exciting to witness myself grow and see how it’s bleeding into my work.” says Akea.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

  • NYC Culture Club in the World Trade Oculus now through April 16

  • Mississippi Museum of Art in April

  • Stay tuned for Baltimore in September!

We’re grateful for the voice, lens and social community that Akea curates for Athari.

Learn more about her and upcoming exhibitions at

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