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About Us


Athari Bio+Sciences was established by leaders in research, medicine, business, and technology who were intent on making a positive impact on population health, product commercialization, and pipeline development.

Athari empowers organizations and their communities by equipping them with key resources:

  • Health and wellness insights through proprietary and innovative tests, diagnostics, therapeutics, and research

  • Education and employment opportunities, including K–12 after-school and summer programs, internships, apprenticeships, career placement, and more in STEMM fields


Athari’s vision transcends solving the clinical challenges of today. We believe that a culturally-responsive continuum of care begins with tools that deliver providers superior data to drive clinical decision-making, while also sharing insights with patients to empower them in taking care of their own health. As we are partnering with businesses and organizations to architect a more personalized future for diagnostics and testing, we are also collaborating with students and educators to open new realms of professional possibilities.

Athari plants seeds of education and empowerment, not just for the sake of advancing science, but also because science stands to help us all live healthier, more vibrant lives — today, and for future generations.

Education & Training

Athari collaborates with bright, young minds in middle school and beyond, as well as educators, parents and guardians, community leaders, and local employers. Students receive hands-on training for in-demand careers, while businesses see a return on their investment in the form of a robust talent pipeline.

Our Mission

Progress therapeutic and diagnostic development, inform chronic and infectious disease research, and create equitable care continuums for all.

Our Vision

Deliver culturally congruent solutions that positively impact patient treatment decisions critical for advancing preventative strategies and personalized medicine initiatives.

Athari Advantages

Flexible and convenient testing

Athari provides a convenient, single-laboratory experience for all testing needs with on-site specimen collection services and volume-based discounts on individual tests. We offer both customized and COTS testing flow systems, which are designed according to each client’s specific needs to ensure maximum efficiency and limited wait times. This translates into a savings of time and money for our clients, who are able to reduce in-house testing and limit the cost burden for referring labs.

Dedicated service and support

Our experts are ready when you are with a state-of-the-art facility and expertise to meet your immediate clinical and pre-clinical needs for high-quality, high-throughput testing services. We provide a variety of key consulting services, such as clinical laboratory, diagnostic development, and outreach consulting to increase awareness and understanding.

Single point of contact

Unlike multi-partner outsourcing, your dedicated Athari project manager serves as your point person to guide you through all phases of your project. As an integrated organization, we have built-in flexibility to adapt to your project’s ever-changing needs and priorities with the efficiency of a single-point contact.

Technology and platform independance

As an independent laboratory, we are able to evaluate and authenticate technologies best suited for your goals and needs, without bias to any instrument or technology manufacturer. We support broad development capabilities on a wide array of platforms, and stay apprised of the newest advances in platforms and tools.

Quality systems and validation

All projects undergo an independent quality review process to ensure all design specifications are consistently met. Athari Bio has a CLIA certificate. Our CLIA ID is 49D2244393.


We are sustainably redesigning the science and technology landscape to spread health and wealth for all.

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