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Our Services

To realize our vision in real-time, we can't narrow ourselves to a niche.

Instead, we break down silos and offer multi-faceted products & services as solutions to

overcome the complex challenges of biotech & health inequity today. 

R&D Services

Clinical Trial Support


Simplify and navigate the clinical trial process with Athari’s expert functional support services, including data management, bioinformatics, medical writing, and more.

Lab Testing & Consulting


Our fully-accredited and licensed clinical laboratory supports all research, assay development, clinical testing, pre-clinical testing, and esoteric testing activities.

Diagnostic Development

Accelerate time to market with Athari’s consulting and single-point project management services for the development of companion diagnostics, in vitro diagnostics, and biopharmaceutical products.

Diagnostic Insight Reporting

Our comprehensive data analysis services produce clinically relevant reports that enable clinicians to make informed decisions for each individual patient.

Lab Services

Athari provides high-sensitivity testing services, including pharmacogenomic, infectious disease, and toxicology testing, to private and public sector organizations like employers, hospitals, and schools.

Education & Training

Athari collaborates with bright, young minds in middle school and beyond, as well as educators, parents and guardians, community leaders, and local employers. Students receive hands-on training for in-demand careers, while businesses see a return on their investment in the form of a robust talent pipeline.

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