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Education and Training

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We believe that science helps us all live healthier, more vibrant lives. We tackle systemic layers of inequity with human-first, empathy-based, and culturally-sensitive education, training, and professional development opportunities in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine (STEMM).

Using the CDC’s Core Health Equity Science and Intervention Strategy concepts, our programs ignite inquisitiveness, encourage expanded horizons, and develop research skills to prepare the next generation of STEMM professionals and leaders.

With a community-focused footprint as a niche supplemental education experience provider, Athari has created a portfolio of educational and professional development programs that bring together students, school systems, and the workforce.

With social determinants of health top of mind, the Athari academic program team:

  • Creates opportunities to learn about health disparities, enhance knowledge of gaps in health outcomes, and research solutions that can address health disparity challenges.

  • Encourages and mentors all interested middle and high school, college, graduate, and professional students.

  • Provides hands-on training in proper laboratory techniques and practices, biomedical research, next-gen sequencing (NGS), pipetting, writing a research grant, marketing testing services, and more.

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