Our Team

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Mitchell, MEL


Chief Executive Officer

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Naab, MD

Chief Medical Officer

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Washington, PhD

Chief Technical

Operations Officer

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Siddiqi, PhD

Chief Science Officer

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Cunningham, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor


Eric Mazur

Laboratory Manager


Lauryn Mitchell

Scientific Project Manager


Valerie Nguyen

Scientific Operations Manager

Our People, for the People

Athari’s spirit of empathy and excellence energizes our culture and allows us to develop and deliver solutions rooted in the needs of patients, providers, our employees, and our families — our communities.


While based in the United States, we research diseases that impact humans across the globe. Awareness of who is most likely to be treated and how they respond to care is essential to improve transformative therapies. Cardiovascular disease, for example, is universally widespread, but disproportionally disturbs certain racial and age groups. Significant scale is required for true understanding, so we need to make sure clinical trial participants embody the disease epidemiology. Health parity is the passion that drives the data we cull from R&D to develop assays, products, and solutions that improve patient care and education for all.

It is deeply important to make explicit how critical people of color are to the biotech ecosystem and STEM fields as a whole. In our lab practice, we are focused on ensuring racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the datasets that are the foundation of genomic and other healthcare breakthroughs. The contributions of Black and brown people go beyond anonymized data points, however. Athari expresses great gratitude to indigenous communities and recognizes the rich heritage in the Manahoac tribal land where our lab is located in Sterling, Virginia.

As a diverse team on a unified mission, we also acknowledge and carry forth the roots of science itself, grounded in Egyptian and Mesopotamian soil. Our very namesake honors this truth: Athari means “impact” in Swahili. Together, let's make a lasting one.