What Drives Us

Health parity is the passion that drives the data we cull from R&D to develop assays, products, and solutions that improve patient care and education for all.

The stage is primed with a global pandemic, and a cultural and racial reckoning has finally raised awareness of the intricacies of the inequities at hand. Now is the time to evolve or fold: We are comprehensively and sustainably redesigning the science and technology landscape, not only to remain competitive in the global field, but also to spread health and wealth. We’re not just another lab setting up on another Industrial Drive; we’re a Health Equity Accelerator. Yes, we’re keenly interested in your cardiogram and diving deep into genomic profiles, but it’s leveraging this data to create healthy communities that’s at the heart of our vision.

Diminishing the data divide

The research outcomes we strive for and the medicine we take today were built upon the insights of data yielded overwhelmingly from adult males of European descent. We endeavor to expand epidemiological insights with specific attention to ethnicity, race, gender, and age. We will integrate our culturally responsive clinical trial data with external suppliers of population data.


The absence of diversity
isn’t just in the data

It also exists amongst trial members, clinical trial investigators, academia, and industry. Athari plans to change the face of “the who and the how” of STEM, eradicating its inherent bias by deploying equity and inclusion across research and development, product manufacturing, education, and professional advancement.