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Appy New Year!

Updated: May 27, 2022

Has the rush of Resolutions faded? Are you looking for more sustainable practices to incorporate into your health & well-being?

As the New Year ushers in our re-dedication for living our best lives, we want to share with you some of our digital go-to’s for health & wellness. Amid all the busyness of starting a business and running a lab now offering Covid tests, we’re keenly driven to operate mindfully so that burnout doesn’t hinder our progress toward increasing diversity in the biosciences, STEM training and health equity. In this light, and in the spirit of sharing best practices that may serve you well, we have rounded up our Team’s favorite apps and gadgets that support our journey toward more rest, less stress, measured movement and overall wellness. All said, we also highly encourage turning those screens off for some R&R too!

Here’s a Little List, and why they might just be your next favorite install:

Our CEO Susan Mitchell recommends her top three mindfulness apps: Abide, Rising Higher Meditation, and Above Inspiration. They are an excellent time for rest and a time to reflect upon that which we are grateful for.

Communications Director Jen heads to Les Mills, here’s why: “In addition to a wide variety of exercise classes from yoga to interval training, I can choose classes that are 5 to 60 minutes based on my energy level, as well as utilizing guided sleep meditations and body scans for grounding me after a busy day. The instructors are from around the globe, there are pregnancy adaptations and kids programs, and also classes in Spanish; the New Zealand locale doesn’t hurt either!”

A couple more excellent apps we just had to add are Headspace and 10% Happier… Happy New Year!

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